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Annali n.3, 2000
Ann. Mus. civ. ST. nat. Ferrara, 3:85 pp., 2000 ISSN 1127-4476

  • Barbieri R. - Benthic foraminifera across the Middle-Late Eocene boundary in western Negev (Israel): implications for nature of Tethyan faunal events
  • Bartholdy J. - Stratigraphical extend of Mid-Eocene nummulitic sediments in the Podhale Basin, Western Carpathians (Poland)
  • Bassi D., Ungaro S. & Fugagnoli A. - SEM analysis of Upper Eocene Nummulites species from the Venetian area (north-eastern Italy)
  • Cosovic V. & Drobne K. - Some remarks on Nummulites specimens from localities in South-Eastern Slovenia and North-Western Croatia
  • Hauptmann M.K. & Bartholdy J. - Stratigraphical extend of Middle and Late Eocene nummulitic sediments in the Gulf of Gabes (Tunisia)
  • Kalac K. - Biostratigraphic research of the Eocene-Oligocene deposits in the Western part of the Drava depression
  • Matsumaru K. - Larger foraminifera from the Cretaceous-Tertiary sequence in the Pinugay Hill, Luzon, the Philippines
  • Matsumaru K. - Eocene larger foraminifera from Luzon and Haha-Jima, Ogasawara
  • Nebelsick J., Rasser M. & Bassi D. - Facies development of Middle
  • Eocene to Lower Oligocene circum-alpine carbonates
  • Pavsic J. & Fucek V. P. - Calcareous nannoplankton and planktonic foraminiferal Zones during the Middle and Upper Eocene of the "Transitional Beds" on the Adriatic platform
  • Robinson E. - Distribution of larger foraminifera in wells near the Middle-Upper Eocene boundary, Nicaragua Rise, Caribbean Region
  • Robinson E. - Proposed generic and specific diagnoses and stratigraphic ranges of some middle Eocene larger foraminifera related to Lepidocyclina
  • Romero J. & Caus E. - Neritic events at the Middle-Upper Eocene boundary in the south-eastern end of the South-Pyrenean basin
  • Romero J., Caus E. & Roseli J. - Paleoenvironmental distribution of Larger Foraminifera on late Middle Eocene deposits on the margin of the South of Pyrenean Basin (NE Spain)
  • Zakrevskaya E. & Hairapetian F. - Benthic foraminifera biostratigraphy at the Middle-Upper Eocene boundary in the Vedi section (Southern Armenia)

Note brevi
  • Barattolo F. & Romano R. - Dasycladalean green algae from the Bartonian/Priabonian boundary of Vic area (Spain)
  • Barattolo F. & Romano R. - Distribution of dasycladalean green aigae in the Middie-Upper Eocene
  • Less G. & Papazzoni C. A. - Orthophragminid and operculinid events at the Middle-Upper Eocene boundary in Europe
  • Luciani V., Negri A. & Bassi D. - Planktonic foraminifera and calcareous nannofossils assemblages at the Middle-Upper Eocene transition from the Mossano section (Colli Berici, north-eastern Italy)
  • Papazzoni C. A. - Paleoecology and biostratigraphy in the Mossano section: effects of the paleoecological bias on the biostratigraphical resolution
  • Robinson E. - Comment on the stratigraphic occurrence of Pseudolepidina Barker & Grimsdale, Linderina Schlumberger and Caudriella Haman & Huddleston in Jamaica
  • Sirel E. - Biostratigraphy of the Middle/Upper Eocene/Oligocene boundaries at the Eastern Turkey
  • Sirel E. - Description of Malatyna anatolica n.sp and stratigraphic distribution of the three species of Malatyna
  • Trevisani E. - Sequence stratigraphy and paleogeography of a platform-basin system during the Middle-Upper Eocene: eastern margin of the Lessini Shelf (Venetian Prealps, Vicenza and Treviso provinces)


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