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- "Quaderni della Stazione di Ecologia (Notes of the Ecological Station)"

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"Quaderni della Stazione di Ecologia (Notes of the ecological station"

The first issue came out in the year 1988: the journal had the aim of reporting the results of the ecological research led by the ecological station or by its close collaborators on the territory of Ferrara. The results of the indipendent research carried out by external researchers of the museum were added later. In the year 1994 the first volume n.6 came out with articles which had been written by foreign authors on different European regions: it was the first result of the activity of the observatory on the animal communities of humid environments. Other volumes followed relevant to the activities of the observatory including articles on the local fauna. Currently, in consequence of the requests of different authors, the journal has been tranformed into a real ecological "magazine" publishing articles of Italian and foreign researchers with texts in Italian or English.

The editorial office of the journal is constituted by Fausto Pesarini (director), Carla Corazza (editor in chief) Stefano Mazzotti, Lauro Galtarossa

The scientific committee of the review is made up of: Roberto Argano (University "La Sapienza", Roma, Italy), Pietro Brandmayr (University della Calabria, Italy), Emmanuel Castella (Laboratoire d'Ecologie et de Biologie Aquatiques, Genere, Suisse), Victor Ugo Ceccherelli ( Bologna University, Italy), Ireneo Ferrari (Parma University, Italy), Filippo Piccoli (Ferrara University, Italy), Cesare Sacchi (Pavia University, Italy), M.C.D Speight (National Parks and wildlife Service, Dublin, Ireland)

"Annals of the Civic Museum of Natural History of Ferrara"

The first issue of the "Annals" was published in the Spring of the year 1999. It is a multithematic review aiming to promote the multidisciplinary character that the museum has always followed and its consequent necessity to interact with the scientific world in different branches of knowledge, from mineralogy to palaeontology, from botany to entomolgy and zoology of vertebrates. In the review there will be articles of Sistematics and study of fauna as well as works relevant to the earth sciences.

Director: Fausto Pesarini. Editor in chief: Stefano Mazzotti. Editors: Carla Corazza, Enrico Trevisani

Scientific commitee: Prof. Luigi Beccaluva, Mineralogy Institue, Ferrara University, Prof. Alberto Castellarin, Earth Science Department, University, Prof. Mauro Fasola Animal Biology Department, Pavia University, Prof. Carlo Ferrari, Experimental Biology of the evolution Department, Bologna University, Prof. Daniele Masetti, Geology and Palaeontology Department , Ferrara University, Prof. Enrico Ratti, Venice Natural history Civic Museum, Prof. Enrico Serpagli, Earth sciences Department, Modena University, Prof. Augusto Vigna Taglianti, Animal and human being biology, University "La Sapienza", Rome,

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