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Initiatives for the promotion of naturalistic culture
Naturalistic soirÚes: the museum sponsors a series of conferences in the Spring and in the Autumn, video presentations on topics such as zoology, sea biology, anthropology, geology and others. The participation is free of charge.

Week of the scientific culture: since 1991 the museum has supported the first edition of the initiative promoted by the MURST (Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research ) . Every year at the end of the Winter, the Museum is open, free to museum guests to learn more about the scientific activities conducted by the museum, normally not accessible to the public.

Science Courses open to the public: They are sponsored by the museum in cooperation with different cultural Associations in Ferrara. Citizens may enroll in speleology (Speleological group of Ferrara), bird-watching (Italian league for the protection of birds), mycology (micological group of Ferara), astronomy (Physics Department of the University and scientific groups of Cento), herbal science(Botanical Garden and legambiente), naturalistic photography (legambiente) sea biology (subaqueous group).

Temporary exhibitions: up to now the most important exhibitions have been the exhibition on the naturalistic books in the libraries of Ferrara (1983), the exhibition "The Flexible Helix", an intermedial event of scientific- artistic comprehension of biological evolution organized by the Video Art Centre of the Civic Galleries of Contemporary Art (1995) and the very recent exhibition "Biodiversity in Emilia-Romagna" which ended in December 2002; this original exhibition, abounding in texts and images, was financed by the Regional Administration and will be organized in other museums and centres for Environmental Education of the Emilia-Romagna region. Other exhibitions are being organized in cooperation with several Cultural Associations of Ferrara and with private subjects active in the geological, environemental, micological and astronomical sectors.



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