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Documentation services
airone con pagine- Library

- Centre for the didactics documentation

- Information Point and Multimedia Consultation, bookshop

libriThe library. The museum houses a small but highly specialised library of about 3,500 titles, same quantity of abstracts and nearly 300 scientific reviews that the museum has received in an exchange for publications among universities and museums from around Europe and forty subscriptions. The library is continuously increasing and houses collections of rare scientific journals. All the books and documents can be accessed by the author card catalogue; a digital cataloguing system according to author and subject and the on-line connection card catalogue will be provided in a short term. Other materials can be borrowed through the Inter-library loan programme with libraries in Ferrara and the province, and in other museums and institutes in the area.

For information about the library's opening hours, contact the librarian Laura Galtarossa at this telephone number and at this e-mail:

Centre of didactic documentation. In the centre of didactic documentation, there are books, booklets, cards, didactic projects, video tapes and a slide collection of about 5,000 slides, all catalogued by subject. Nearly all of these materials may be borrowed free of charge by teachers after filling out a form. Today the centre of didactic documentation is part of the library and observes the same opening hours to the public.

Information point and multimedia documentation. Bookshop. The information and documentation point was inaugurated in March 1997. It is part of the exhibition itinerary. It is open to all museum guests and consists of three multimedia interactive stations on CD rom. Near the information and documentation point is the bookshop, where books, videocassettes, CD roms, didactic games and unique natural science and environmental objects and artifacts may be purchased. Both services are open during the museum's opening hours.


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