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Didactics and Formation
Copertina Opuscolo Did˛- The activities for teachers
- The Initiatives for the classes
- "The green classroom"
- Didactics for museum operators
- University didactics and extra school training
- Specialisation courses

Initiatives for the classes

Since the school year 1995/1996 the Museum has been successfully experimenting a proposal project addressed to the classes of nursery schools, primary and secondary schools as well as higher educational institutes. It is a programme of didactic modules "natural sciences and environment" envisaging the organization of exploring and discovery activities for young people under the direction of guides who are scientifically qualified. To take part in this initiative each class has to pay an entrance-fee, which is, however ,very low; the teachers can choose from 5 modules, according to the theme, the available time and the age of the students. In 2002 a "green area " was inaugurated , an area which has been destined to didactic activities outside the museum, inside the big huge urban "Bassani" park, which covers an area of 1600 acres in the northern area of the town.

Activities for teachers

The museum has organized refresher courses for teachers for many years, courses on different subjects of natural sciences. Recently, the courses have been transformed into theoretic and practical seminars in order to develop formative itineraries to be verified. School visits have not always utilized the facilities of the museums to the full and for this reason the museum has organised guided tours for teachers. To complete the experience, the Museum has edited thematic guides in the form of illustrated folders, which are distributed to teachers on request. Refresher courses are still being organized even if they are not very regular.

Didactics for museum operators

The museum has organized two residential refresher courses for museum operators in cooperation with the National Association Scientific Museums and with the vocational training centre "Mathema" of the Commune of Ferrara, 1) Didactics of museums for operators of scientific, naturalistic and prehistory museums (1990); 2) Communication techniques in the active didactics of the scientific museum (1994). The management and the scientific staff of the museum provide seminars and proposals of refresher courses to museum operators all over Italy.

University didactics

The Museum plays an important role in the University of Ferrara didactics . It offers students who are studying Natural and Biological Sciences the opportunity to prepare their degree thesis (see research lines) while participating in present researches and hands-on learning . The presence of trainees is beneficial to the university and to the museum, as it trainsfuture scientists and researchers. The subjects they study, in addition to the ongoing research about population biology and the structure of the animal communities, fulfils the educational role of the museum which is of topical interest and in constant evolution thanks to the fruitful cooperation with the Science Education Department at the University of Bologna.

Starting in 2003, a volunteer programme in conjunction with the National Civic Service will engage in different activities to increase the value of the museum's publications and enhance its publishing efforts.

Refresher courses

During the months of October in 1999 and 2001, refresher courses were conducted on such topics as the taxonomic acknowledgment of the terrestrial invertebrates. Additional courses are offered from time to time.


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